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Tiger Members get a 20% Discount on all Tiger Briefs
Tiger Membership  (what is it?)
Tiger Underwear is sold exclusively on this website.  Since we don't have sales very often, we like to offer a discount for those that are considering a large purchase.

A discount code can be purchased that will save you 10% off all merchandise for 3 months.  You may use it as often as you wish during the membership period. 

As a gift, we will also send you the 2014 Tiger Underwear downloadable PDF catalog featuring Brandon modeling the new Tiger Mid Rise Double Seat Briefs.

Your Discount Code and PDF Catalog can take up to 24 hours before arriving at your email address that you provide during check-out.  This catalog is only available as a gift and cannot be purchased seperately.
3 Month Discount Code
33 Page PDF (catalog download)
No Auto Rebill   $59.99
3 Month Discount Code
33 Page Hard Copy (8 1/2 x 11)
Hard Copy not available outside USA
No Auto Rebill   $99.99
Coming Soon!
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