Tiger Underwear:

We specializes in high quality and exclusive briefs for active men and boys. A retro style from the 1960's and 70's, (maybe similar to what you wore as a boy) Tiger Briefs sports blue, red, gold or black dashes on the waistband.  Tiger Briefs features a double-seat for longer wear and greater comfort. Tiger Training Pants with a extra thick absorbent four layer front/back panel and "Step-Ins" plastic pants are available in all sizes as well. Now you have the opportunity to relive or experience this classic style, absorbent brief! Tiger Underwear for men and boys is a design fashion from the past, with the retro look and comfort for today's life style!

Tiger Briefs for men and boys are made from either 100% soft combed cotton or a poly/cotton blend. Choose from either Full rise or Mid rise, Tiger Briefs will provides you with the perfect combination of comfort and support.  Tiger Briefs and Trainers are available in traditional white, modern black, coral red and royal blue.


Well, I never would have thought that I would be sitting down to write a letter to a firm from whom I had just purchased underwear.  However, I am so satisfied with the product that I felt the need to write.

Slipping into a pair of your Tiger Briefs with the double panel was like stepping back into the past, returning to the days of boyhood. Fantastic comfort, excellent workmanship.  Thank you for making such a quality underwear available.
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